Nicole is our friendly frontline. She is the first person greeting you and she is genuinely happy to see you. You can tell by her ear-to-ear smile. Nicole really shines in her role as office manager. She is naturally drawn to helping people and driven to manage their lives easier in any way that she can. As a player on our team, Nicole is dedicated to improving your health. “I try and go above and beyond, because it is important to me to make sure people feel they are getting the treatment they deserve, not only from each practitioner and therapist, but also from me as well.”

Nicole keeps fit skating, running, barreling up and down the Memorial Drive staircase, and taking to mountain trails every chance she gets. She knows how important freedom of movement is and that is why she is part of the 360BrainBody team. “The whole office is dedicated to improving people’s health. We work as a team to provide the best care for patients. It’s a very welcoming environment.”

Words to live by: Be somebody who makes everyone feel like a somebody.