Author: Jennifer Nagy MScPT (Physiotherapist)

ConnectTherapyTM is an innovative physiotherapy approach that focuses on the assessment of the whole  body through movement. It was developed by Dr. Linda Joy Lee, a Vancouver based physiotherapist, who has received worldwide recognition for this approach to rehabilitation. The ConnectTherapyTM  assessment involves observing the body, initially in standing, to assess posture and then again assessing with specific movement that causes discomfort (i.e. forward bending when the client reports lower back pain with leaning forward). 

The goal of treatment is to improve specific movement tasks that cause pain or discomfort. The whole body is continually assessed to determine how to make the specific movement most optimal. This approach differs from a more traditional approach which tends to assess a region of the body instead of the whole. The approach of ConnectTherapyTM views the rehabilitation process as being more complete and cohesive when the whole body is assessed for dysfunction. Compensation for an injury can occur anywhere in the body so it is important to assess and monitor how the whole body reacts to treatment. 

I have included an example of a theoretical client who initially fractured her right ankle and then later developed lower back pain. Please see the diagram below. 

Screenshot 2019-01-14 14.04.05.png

As the ConnectTherapyTM approach focuses on a full body assessment these “non-optimal” areas would be identified, specifically in the above example that the left leg is more favoured that the right leg, and the treatment would be adjusted accordingly to resolve the root cause of the pain.

Who would benefit from this assessment approach?

This approach is beneficial for all types injuries as compensation post injury typically occurs for most clients. Whether it is the rehabilitation of a new injury or resolving an old/chronic injury, the ConnectTherapyTM approach is an option for you.

What to expect during the assessment?

My ConnectTherapyTM assessment typically takes 1-1.5hrs. All assessments take place in one of our private rooms. The client is often assessed barefoot, in shorts and a sports bra or thin tank top therefore please bring appropriate attire. 

For more detailed information on ConnectTherapyTM refer to Dr. Linda Joy Lee InternationalTM: Institute for Physiotherapy and Movement:

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