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Dr. Deb Putnam is a Calgary Family Physician who has always approached health from a mind-body perspective. She believes strongly in collaborative care, working with other allied health providers to help patients achieve optimal health. Dr. Putnam describes her approach as being non-judgemental and supportive, and uses this approach in her increasingly mental-health focused practice. She wears many hats including working part-time on The Alex Youth Health Bus, providing mental, physical and sexual health to vulnerable youth. Deb considers herself lucky to be asked to join the 360 team, offering mental health consults and brief follow-ups for 360 clients.

 What does Dr. Putnam offer at 360BRAINBODY?

With extensive training in Mental Health Assessments and Pharmacotherapy, particularly for adolescents and young adults, Dr. Putnam is happy to be a resource for patients who are struggling with mental health concerns, but are not sure just how to figure out what is going on for them and are wondering about a diagnosis (for example: anxiety, depression, ADHD); and/or would like some direction regarding treatment.  

She offers assessments, discussion of treatment options and an average of 3-4 follow up sessions.

Dr. Putnam does not offer ongoing counselling, as patients needing more ongoing therapy are better served by seeing a psychologist or accessing other mental health resources that might be helpful.  Of course, she always encourages patients to follow up.

Any patients of Dr. Putnam who feel that they are in need of urgent mental health support, we encourage you to call The Distress Line at (403)266-4357 or to seek help at your nearest urgent care centre. We remind you that Dr. Putnam offers a consultation service and that patients should be seeing their family physician for ongoing care.