Eva is a natural athlete. As a teenager, she was scouted to play on the first-ever Canadian Women’s Junior Squash team. Coaches and teachers were always in her corner, stoking her thirst to compete. Eva competed in ski racing, volleyball, squash, and racquetball as well.

After earning her Bachelors in Physical and Health Education at Queen’s University, Eva devoted herself to bringing out the best in others by teaching aerobics, squash racquetball, and weightlifting. Longtime Calgarians will recognize her from the management team at Talisman Centre.

After a year living abroad teaching fitness class and body-building, nagging back issues were slowing Eva down. Discovering Pilates and a passion for conscious movement was the solution. After several years of teaching, she recognized that no matter how much stretching and strengthening one does, true body change is not created without release of the muscle and fascia. This concept lead Eva to achieving her Level 11 Yamuna Rolling Certification in 2004.

At 360BrainBody, Eva’s dream of working with a team of like-minded professionals is coming true. She shares the team’s goal to empower every client to explore and discover the freedom and strength found in self-healing though mindful movement.


  • Posture & Movement Therapist

  • Fully Certified Master Pilates Practitioner

  • SMR (Self-Myofascial Release) Trainer

  • Core Align®Trainee

Words to live by: “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right” – Henry Ford.