As a former dancer, within the professional division at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and School of Alberta Ballet, Jennifer understands the importance of ensuring one’s body is performing at peak levels.

Since graduating from the University of Alberta in 2008 with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy, she has continued to expand her skills by completing a wide variety of courses including acupuncture and dry needling certification as well as vestibular and concussion based courses.

Jennifer strongly believes that having a full understanding of one’s body is an essential part of her client’s recovery and meeting their goals. She recently completed the ConnectTherapyTM Series course in Vancouver with Dr. LJ Lee. This extensive nine month course focused on Thoracic Ring ApproachTM and ConnectTherapyTM models. As a ConnectTherapyTM Series Graduate, Jennifer believes in assessing and treating the whole body to determine the driving causes of pain and dysfunction that are specific to her clients’ goals. By applying these techniques, her clients will further enhance their understanding of their own body and the relationship of the various systems.

Jennifer treats a wide variety of conditions and has significant experience with sports/dance injuries, motor vehicle accidents and repetitive strain injuries. She is authorized to apply acupuncture and dry needling techniques and order diagnostic imaging. She is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta.

When she is not working, she is running after her two young, highly energetic, children.