About the Founding of 360 BrainBody


Both Helena Horsky and Steph Davis bring years of experience in working with top athletes and all levels of clientele with various requirements. Steph is a trained Romana Pilates instructor with 15+ years experience in training top athletes. Constant evolution and performance enhancement are words Steph lives by and she is eager to expand in training the whole body system. Helena received her extended education at Parker College of Chiropractor in Dallas, Texas, and focuses on well-rounded treatment regimens. After years of partnering with top health oriented facilities, Helena’s passion is venturing with this team to aid patients in leading pain-free lives.

Steph and Helena have known each other since they were 10 years old. As childhood friends and competitive figure skaters, they climbed the ranks together, forging a bond that would see them join in practice as a team of professional healers.

“It has taken years of dreaming and envisioning how we can best treat the mind and body as one - the way it was meant to be.  We need to look at the old school methodologies, like that of Bruce Lee, to educate us on balance, grace and ease of movement, along with newer scientific research.”

Their shared love for sports and interest in maximizing the betterment of their patients brings them to this partnership. They always knew there would come a time when they would put their heads together and create a new concept for treating the brain and body as one.

That time is now…