The Art of Living: Happiness Program

Master Your Mind and Live Your Best

Experience the power of the SKY Breathing Technique (taught in over 155 countries). Discover evidence-based techniques that quickly reduce stress and make meditation effortless. 

 Find out how the Art of Living Happiness Program can help you rediscover your joy, cope with the stresses of everyday life and become a calmer, more confident you 

 The Happiness Program takes place over three relaxing yet focused days.


Here are some of the unique benefits you’ll experience:

  • Quickly & Effectively Reduce Stress

  • Make Meditation easier

  • Build Resilience

  • Relax Deeper

Get A Daily Practice You Can Continue at Home

The goal of the 3-day Art of Happiness Program is to give you the skills, support and training to continue using these powerful breathing techniques once you get home. Research shows your cortisol levels can reduce by over 50% on the first day you practice, and will continue to improve if you keep practicing. We'll teach you a simple, effective home breathing practice you can do each day to release stress and start every day afresh: feeling clear, confident and happy.

The Happiness Programs

Sept 20-22 2019

Oct 25-27 2019


Video on (SKY) Sudarshan Kriya Yoga: