“Constant evolution and performance-enhancement” are words Steph Davis lives by. The engagement and training of the whole body system is a passion that has evolved into this new BrainBody team.

Working with some of Canada’s biggest sports stars for fifteen plus year, Steph is a certified Romana’s Pilates instructor and Level III FST Fitness Specialist. Being a former elite professional and national competitive figure skater herself, Steph has developed a well-rounded program for anyone willing to put effort into their well-being. Trained and tested by Joseph Pilates protégée Romana Kryzanowska, Steph works with both amateur and professional athletes. This includes various athletes in the NHL and CFL, along with National and Olympic level competitors.

Steph’s innovative, holistic approach to body recovery through posture awareness and a responsive range in movements, helps to improve agility and core stability. Additionally, she connects with her clients’ mental states to bring them to a level of what she calls 360 degrees of brain-body pliability. She is eager to embark on her dream journey of uniting a unique team of specialists.

More about Steph

Steph Davis comes from a long line of successful athletes and creative visionaries. Her grandmother pioneered Alberta’s first dance school, and her aunt Vicki is the founder of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, a local dance company here in Calgary. Steph’s father played hockey professionally, and her mother was a national level figure skating coach, while her sister is the Head Rowing Coach for Washington State University. With all of these influential figures, it is no wonder Steph leads an athletic life, rising to be a nationally ranked figure skater before turning professional for six years. Steph currently stays active by dirt biking whenever she can. Her husband Scott was a two-time U.S. Figure Skating Champion and Olympic competitor, and they love to spend their weekends down in Montana, along with their daughter Maggie.