Zoe is energetic and fiercely independent. She is another friendly face assisting you when you walk in the front door. As a person of nature she believes helping others is a way of life, shown in her line of work as a certified Personal Trainer and being apart of the 360 Brain Body team.

She keeps healthy and fit by spending 1-2 hours, 5-7 days a week in the gym doing weight training and development on targeted areas. She enjoys snowboarding in the winter, softball in the spring and all year round hiking in Alberta, BC and where ever she decides to travel that year.

Zoe loves traveling the world and exploring feelings and ideas before finding something that really rings true. But one thing she truly sticks to and always considers important is the health, fitness and wellness of one’s body.

 “I want to be apart of the change in helping people see the life altering benefits of natural medicine and physical treatments. Everyone deserves to live a fulfilled healthy life, but your body must be in its best physical state in order to enjoy and create all the memorable experiences you desire. No one wants to feel limited with what they can do with their body, and we at 360 Brain Body can help you make those changes to breakthrough all of the limitations preventing you from living to your fulfilled healthy life!”

Words to live by: Happiness is the colour in your life’s painting. You have to be willing to dip your brush in the colours and create with passion and enjoyment.