Learning to understand your pain and use it to your advantage, specific strengthening and improving control of movement are foundations of Performance Physio. Allowing your body to adapt efficiently and optimize recovery from injuries, improve sport performance, prevent injuries and future proof yourself. That requires someone that not only treats you but also coaches, teaches, and supports.

In 2006 Matt graduated as a Physiotherapist in the Netherlands and has done numerous post graduate courses. Since then he has worked as a Physiotherapist for Cirque du Soleil, set up a Sports Performance Lab in Shanghai China, worked with Olympic athletes from various summer and winter sports, Red Bull cliff divers,  ballet dancers and gymnasts. He has also worked in private clinics, bringing his experience and knowledge to the regular person as the same biomechanics and physiological principles that apply to athletes apply to you too.  

In his approach Matt uses manual therapy, myofascial techniques, precise exercises, dry needling, kinetic chain patterning and sports performance to help you achieve your goals. 

Matt works full time at 360BrainBody but also works as a Sports Physiotherapist for the Chinese National Speed Skating Team (who are based in Calgary for a big part of the year). 

He has a background in Martial Arts (Kickboxing, Wushu, Tai-Chi) and is a former member of the Dutch National Wushu Team, having won multiple National Championships in Chinese Kickboxing (Sanda) and in 2006 he won silver at the World Cup in Xian, China.

Matt loves his patients and is excited to work with you!